The Swedish organization for the Right to Die in Dignity

Skriv ut sidan

The organization in Sweden for the right to die in dignity is named RTVD - Rätten Till en Värdig Död - which literally means/reads: The Right to a Dignified Death.

If you need to contact us - please write a mail (in English) to  

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In case you wish lots of news and information in English about what's going on in the world in our field, you can visit the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies in this net address:    

You may also find links to various news in English about euthanasia in countries outside Sweden - under the heading next to this one, named "Omvärlden" ("The world around")

Noted - in 2021: 
Aid in dying is legal in Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Canada and Colombia. 
Assisted aid in dying is also legal in ten US states: Oregon, Montana, Vermont, Washington, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico and Maine.
California is the largest US state,  with 12.8% of the US population. Total for all ten states is about 70 million people. - It is also legal in most of the Australian states - and soon in New Zealand.


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