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I omvärlden förekommer för närvarande möjlighet till laglig läkarassisterad självvald död 
och/eller lagenlig dödshjälp i Schweiz, Nederländerna, Belgien, Luxemburg, Colombia, Kanada, delstaten Victoria i Australien samt i de amerikanska delstaterna Oregon, Montana, Vermont, Washington, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey och Maine. 

April 2019: A list of assisted aid in dying in the world is being found here.

1) Den som önskar information om hur man från utlandet kan få hjälp i Schweiz på Dignitas mottagning i Zürich - kan slå på länken dit -http://www.dignitas.ch/  - 

2) Det finns ännu en organisation - Lifecircle - i Basel, som arbetar på samma sätt och som även tar emot personer från länder utanför Schweiz. Se denna länk: http://www.lifecircle.ch      

3) Pegasos Swiss Association - https://pegasos-association.com/ - i Basel

4) ExInternational - http://www.exinternational.ch/ - i Bern

A) Här hittar du web-adressen till världsförbundets hemsida -
The World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies: - - - http://www.worldrtd.net/

B) Mailadress till Finlands hemsidaexitus.fi

C) Mailadress till Norges hemsidahttps://www.livstestament.org/ 

D) Mailadress till Nederländernas (största) hemsida - https://nvve.nl/
HÄR - -  - 
några länkar (inte på svenska) med publicerat material från andra länder: -

Mars 2019
From The Guardian: -Simon Jenkins: "Deciding how to end one's life should be the ultimate human right"


September 2018 - 

WFRtDS Statement regarding arrest of Sean Davison

25 September 2018

The World Federation of Right to Die Societies notes the recent arrest of its President Sean Davison on the charge of the murder of 43-year-old doctor Anrich Burger‚ who was left a quadriplegic after an accident in 2005. Anrich Burger’s death occurred in 2013. 

The facts of this matter will be determined by the courts in South Africa, nevertheless the World Federation of Right to Die Societies wishes it to be known that it commends those who support others who wish to have a peaceful death of their choosing. Its members are striving across the globe to make it possible for this to happen through regulation by the law.

The WFRtDS strongly condemns governments that continue to deny human beings ownership of their own bodies and control over their deaths by maintaining law that criminalizes those who assist others to die peacefully. 

The World Federation believes that governments across the world are assuming control of what is not their right to control, our bodies, and denying human beings the right to a peaceful death free of suffering at a time of their choice.

The WFRtDS wishes to express its admiration for Professor Davison’s courage and sincere engagement with those who are suffering at the end of life despite the ongoing persecution he has experienced by governments who maintain outdated, cruel law that forces its citizens to die of disease and to hang, gas or shoot themselves if they do not want that so-called ‘choice’.

The WFRtDS calls on all governments 1) to repeal the law that criminalizes those who assist people who wish to die peacefully and 2) to provide proper regulation of death within their health systems based on universally accepted human rights law.




October 2017 - The Seattle Times "What could help me to die?" (om ställningstagande till psykiatrisk sjukdom)

April 2017 - The Economist - How to have a better death - 

2017 ) En organisation i Kanada:

2017 )  En organisation i England:

August 2013: En dement kvinna tvångsmatas mot sin vilja - i Kanada: 

Augusti 30, 2012 - Finland: Överläkare vill ha lag om dödshjälp - HBL.fi -

May 2012 - Robert Cordover, a Tasmanian diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, had a tortured end. In this video his wife Nica narrates a letter he has written to Australian politicians, explaining how his demise was like Guantanamo Bay torture, and asking for legalisation of restricted aid-in-dying.

March 2012 - From Time Magazine, Dr Peter Goodwin, Oregon (kort filmintervju)


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